Need a modern sounding production?
Have your song or album mixed by experienced and professional ears.
With more than half a decade in the music industry only the best result can be guaranteed!


Have your song or album finalized and polished to Industry standards.
Optimal translation powered by analog gear!


Lets plan and do the recording of your next record together!


Looking for a crushing guitar/bass tone for your song or album that will definitely make an impact?
Send over your clean signals and get ready to be blown away!


Not happy with the musical performance of your recording?
Dont worry! Send it over and it can be tweaked to perfection!

Music Composition

Need a unique musical piece to use as an album/concert intro or for your video?
Let's compose one for you!


-Q: Where are you located?
-A: At the moment I am based in Athens, GR.

-Q: What is your educational/technical background?
-A: Besides recording from as early as I can remember myself using computers and guitars, I have a BA Diploma in Music Production and Sound Engineering from AKMI-Metropolitan College in Thessaloniki (in association with the University of Wales).
Since my graduation I have done internships, collaborations and worked for years in a number of studios around Europe, including Sweden, Greece and Norway!
I have worked with bands from twelve different countries from all over the planet and that number is growing really fast!

-Q:  What speakers/gear are you using for Mixing/Mastering?
-A:  My monitors of choice at the moment are the ADAM A77X ,powered by Prism Sound Orpheus interface with world-class AD/DA Converters.
The core of my setup is a state-of-the-art Intel i9 9900k processor that is fueling Cubase 10 PRO.
I also like to use Presonus Faderport 8 as my control surface!
-Q:  Are you working In-the-Box?
-A: I am following a flexible console-free and easy to recall hybrid approach by using real analog tubed gear, such as the Manley Massive Passive, Manley Varimu and the SPL Vitalizer, in combination with the latest Software plugins inside the DAW.

-Q:  What about your room acoustics?
-A:  My control room has been  acoustically treated both by the use of Bass Absorbers/Diffusers (HOFA,GIK Acoustics and others) and by Room Calibration Software, ensuring linear reference sound with optimal translation.

-Q: How do I send you files for Mixing?
-A: For Mixing, please send 24bit 44/48khz consolidated files (starting from 0:00:00) with consistent naming throughout the songs.
Make each song one zip folder, upload the files using a service like Wetransfer and send the link to contact@georgenerantzis.com.
Please make sure to verify the files before sending by making an empty project, importing the files and making sure everything plays as it should.

-Q: Can I attend the Mixing/Mastering session of my record?
-A: Of course. You are always welcome to be present during the session.
Please contact me in advance for accommodation options.
Online collaboration through direct real-time streaming from my DAW is also an option.