Welcome to my sonic realm!

With a passion for perfection and an ear attuned to the nuances of sound, I am dedicated to transforming your musical vision into a polished masterpiece. 

As a sound engineer, my focus lies in the art of precision – seamlessly blending elements during mixing and sculpting a final product that stands out through immaculate mastering. 

Whether you're an emerging artist, a seasoned professional, or a creative force on the rise, let's collaborate to elevate your audio to its fullest potential. 

Explore the transformative world of sound where every beat, chord, and note finds its perfect place. 

Your journey to impeccable mixing and mastering starts here.



-Mastered the new Rusty Bones album!
-Mastered the new Rotting Christ single "Holy Mountain"

-Recorded Mixed and Mastered the new Soundpath Single!
-Mastered the new Mind Erasure album!
-Mastered the new Nanook album!

-Mixed and Mastered the new Vile Exortion record!
-Mastered the new SIlent Rage album
-Mastered the new Aetherian EP
-Mastered the new On Thorns I Lat album
-Mastered the new Lucente album
-Mastered the new Perse Parole album
-Mastered the upcoming Skeptical Minds album
-Mastered the new Divergenza EP
-Mastered the new Powerhill EP
-Mastered the new Chronosphere album


-Reamped, Mixed and Mastered the upcoming Christoffear singles.
-Mastered "Entering the Abyss" by Paladine.
-Reamped/Mixed and Mastered. "Transcedental Mastery "by Ambrotos.
-Recorded, Mixed and Mastered the new Empty Guns single!
-Mastered the new Sertraline album.

-Mastered the new Sede Vacante album.
-Mastered "Passive Aggression" by AMKEN.
-Reamped/Mixed and Mastered "Harvester of Souls" single by The Silent Rage, along with Fotis Benardo.
-Mastered the upcoming Sede Vacante album!
-Mixed and Mastered the upcoming "Dark Phoenix Rising" album by Dark-O-Matic!

-Mastered "Transceding into a God" single by Dark Funeral's Heljamadr.
-Mastered  "KCHC" by Kin Corruption
-Mastered "Westender" by Marius DC
-Mastered "Your Bones they Keep" by Cruel Juno 


-Mastered the new Aetherian single "Primordial Woods".

-Mastered the new Mansfeld(DE) album!

-Mastered the new Goresquad EP!

-Reamped/Mixed and Mastered the New Sense of Insanity single!

-Reamped/Mixed and Mastered "Retaliation" by Sense of Fear

-Mastered the new Konsorn EP!

-Mastered the new Iron Lungs EP!
-Mastered the new HOTLANTA(CH) EP!
-Re-amped, Mixed and Mastered the upcoming Christoffear (GR) album!

-Mastered the original Nightrage 2000 demo!
-Re-amped, Mixed and Mastered the new SIlent Winter single!

-Mastered "Destination Fucked" by Redraw.


-Mixed and Mastered the new Crave(NO) single!
-Mastered the upcoming Fortress Under Siege(GR) album!
-Mastered the upcoming Otti EP!
-Mastered the new Cruel Juno record (USA)

-Mastered the new Doomed Timeline Theory record!

-Mastered the new Vertex EP! Extreme metal from Lyon France.

-Finished the full production of the new Empty Guns EP called Passive Aggressive.


-Mixed and Mastered "New Hope" by Dark-O-Matic!

-Mastered the new Ep of Marble's Lost .

-Recorded, Mixed and Mastered "Speed the Bullet" by Chontaraz.

-Mixed and Mastered "Meanders a Soul" by Osiris.

-Mastered the new album from Luca Princiotta's band(DORO). 


-Employed by OTSE ltd for the new project "OTSE Music Studio".
-Recorded the guitars of the new GUS G album!
-Orchestral/compositional work for Chontaraz!
-Full production of "In Ashes" by Sense of Insanity.


-Co-Recorded and Mastered "The Passing Light of Day" by Pain of Salvation along with Daniel Bergstrand , in Dugout Studio (SE).
-Co-Recorded and Mastered "Where Shadows Forever Reign" by Dark Funeral along with Daniel Bergstrand , in Dugout Studio (SE).
-Co-mixed and Mastered "Wild Horses" by Bottlenext in Dugout(SE)!.
-Mastered "Vibrant" by Dreamshade (Switzerland.

-Mastered "Tamsims Likam" by Hamferd.
-Mastered "In His Infernal Majesty Service" by Witchery


-Recording/Mixing Assisted and Mastered "Abbath" by Abbath, along with Daniel Bergstrand in Dugout Studio (SE).
-Re-amped and Mastered "Derin" by Pitch Black Process.-Mixing Assisted and Mastered "Rondamauh" by Chontaraz.-Recorded Guitars and Bass in "Mark These Words" by Oddcrew, in Dugout Studio (SE).