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-Mastered the new Rusty Bones album!
-Mastered the new Rotting Christ single "Holy Mountain"

-Recorded Mixed and Mastered the new Soundpath Single!
-Mastered the new Mind Erasure album!
-Mastered the new Nanook album!

-Mixed and Mastered the new Vile Exortion record!
-Mastered the new SIlent Rage album
-Mastered the new Aetherian EP
-Mastered the new On Thorns I Lat album
-Mastered the new Lucente album
-Mastered the new Perse Parole album
-Mastered the upcoming Skeptical Minds album
-Mastered the new Divergenza EP
-Mastered the new Powerhill EP
-Mastered the new Chronosphere album


-Reamped, Mixed and Mastered the upcoming Christoffear singles.
-Mastered "Entering the Abyss" by Paladine.
-Reamped/Mixed and Mastered. "Transcedental Mastery "by Ambrotos.
-Recorded, Mixed and Mastered the new Empty Guns single!
-Mastered the new Sertraline album.

-Mastered the new Sede Vacante album.
-Mastered "Passive Aggression" by AMKEN.
-Reamped/Mixed and Mastered "Harvester of Souls" single by The Silent Rage, along with Fotis Benardo.
-Mastered the upcoming Sede Vacante album!
-Mixed and Mastered the upcoming "Dark Phoenix Rising" album by Dark-O-Matic!

-Mastered "Transceding into a God" single by Dark Funeral's Heljamadr.
-Mastered  "KCHC" by Kin Corruption
-Mastered "Westender" by Marius DC
-Mastered "Your Bones they Keep" by Cruel Juno 


-Mastered the new Aetherian single "Primordial Woods".

-Mastered the new Mansfeld(DE) album!

-Mastered the new Goresquad EP!

-Reamped/Mixed and Mastered the New Sense of Insanity single!

-Reamped/Mixed and Mastered "Retaliation" by Sense of Fear

-Mastered the new Konsorn EP!

-Mastered the new Iron Lungs EP!
-Mastered the new HOTLANTA(CH) EP!
-Re-amped, Mixed and Mastered the upcoming Christoffear (GR) album!

-Mastered the original Nightrage 2000 demo!
-Re-amped, Mixed and Mastered the new SIlent Winter single!

-Mastered "Destination Fucked" by Redraw.


-Mixed and Mastered the new Crave(NO) single!
-Mastered the upcoming Fortress Under Siege(GR) album!
-Mastered the upcoming Otti EP!
-Mastered the new Cruel Juno record (USA)

-Mastered the new Doomed Timeline Theory record!

-Mastered the new Vertex EP! Extreme metal from Lyon France.

-Finished the full production of the new Empty Guns EP called Passive Aggressive.


-Mixed and Mastered "New Hope" by Dark-O-Matic!

-Mastered the new Ep of Marble's Lost .

-Recorded, Mixed and Mastered "Speed the Bullet" by Chontaraz.

-Mixed and Mastered "Meanders a Soul" by Osiris.

-Mastered the new album from Luca Princiotta's band(DORO). 


-Employed by OTSE ltd for the new project "OTSE Music Studio".
-Recorded the guitars of the new GUS G album!
-Orchestral/compositional work for Chontaraz!
-Full production of "In Ashes" by Sense of Insanity.


-Co-Recorded and Mastered "The Passing Light of Day" by Pain of Salvation along with Daniel Bergstrand , in Dugout Studio (SE).
-Co-Recorded and Mastered "Where Shadows Forever Reign" by Dark Funeral along with Daniel Bergstrand , in Dugout Studio (SE).
-Co-mixed and Mastered "Wild Horses" by Bottlenext in Dugout(SE)!.
-Mastered "Vibrant" by Dreamshade (Switzerland.

-Mastered "Tamsims Likam" by Hamferd.
-Mastered "In His Infernal Majesty Service" by Witchery


-Recording/Mixing Assisted and Mastered "Abbath" by Abbath, along with Daniel Bergstrand in Dugout Studio (SE).
-Re-amped and Mastered "Derin" by Pitch Black Process.-Mixing Assisted and Mastered "Rondamauh" by Chontaraz.-Recorded Guitars and Bass in "Mark These Words" by Oddcrew, in Dugout Studio (SE).